4 Tabular Data

    4.1 Introduction to Tabular Data

      4.1.1 Creating Tabular Data

      4.1.2 Extracting Rows and Cell Values

      4.1.3 Functions over Rows

      4.1.4 Processing Rows Finding Rows Ordering Rows Adding New Columns Calculating New Column Values

      4.1.5 Examples for Table-Producing Functions

    4.2 Processing Tables

      4.2.1 Cleaning Data Tables Loading Data Tables Dealing with Missing Entries Normalizing Data Normalization, Systematically

 Using Programs to Detect Data Errors

      4.2.2 Task Plans

      4.2.3 Preparing Data Tables Creating bins Splitting Columns

      4.2.4 Managing and Naming Data Tables

      4.2.5 Visualizations and Plots

      4.2.6 Summary: Managing a Data Analysis