6 Structured Data

    6.1 Introduction to Structured Data

      6.1.1 Understanding the Kinds of Compound Data A First Peek at Structured Data A First Peek at Conditional Data

      6.1.2 Defining and Creating Structured and Conditional Data Defining and Creating Structured Data Annotations for Structured Data Defining and Creating Conditional Data

      6.1.3 Programming with Structured and Conditional Data Extracting Fields from Structured Data Telling Apart Variants of Conditional Data Processing Fields of Variants

    6.2 Collections of Structured Data

      6.2.1 Lists as Collective Data

      6.2.2 Sets as Collective Data Picking Elements from Sets Computing with Sets

      6.2.3 Combining Structured and Collective Data

      6.2.4 Data Design Problem: Representing Quizzes