10 Tables in Python via Pandas

    10.1 Introduction to Pandas

      10.1.1 Pandas Table Basics Core Datatypes: DataFrame and Series Creating and Loading DataFrames Using Labels and Indices to Access Cells

      10.1.2 Filtering Rows

      10.1.3 Cleaning and Normalizing Data Clearing out unknown values Repairing Values and Column Types

      10.1.4 Computing New Columns

      10.1.5 Aggregating and Grouping Columns

      10.1.6 Wide Versus Tall Data

        Converting Between Wide and Tall Data

      10.1.7 Plotting Data

      10.1.8 Takeaways

    10.2 Reshaping Tables

      10.2.1 Binning Rows

      10.2.2 Wide versus Tall Datasets